Product Development


With us, you have the right partner by your side

The basis of any tourist product or service is a good idea. However, if you want to successfully establish a holiday region or year-round destination, and if you want to position one or the other on the market, you need more than a good idea: The product needs to fit your brand while at the same time meeting your customers’ and guests’ expectations. In other words, a strategic basis is required as the foundation for success. In addition, it is definitely necessary to not only think of the final product, but to also provide for all contingencies: What good is a product if it meets the customers’ needs or satisfies your guests’ wishes but cannot be found via the appropriate sales channels? And this is why we are here to consult and guide you through this intensive process, and to offer our support as skilled and experienced tourism consultants.

Our services cover all important factors: 

  • We offer product- and service development workshops where important stakeholders and creatives come together and cooperate
  • We jointly define your key product
  • Trust our benchmark analyses: We consider function, cost structures and any other important features regarding your product
  • We support you in strengthening your brand identity to better address and reach your target group 
  • The perfect product incorporates the right sales channels and booking platforms, which we will develop and establish together with you