Price Optimization

There’s some leeway – how to achieve a better occupancy rate, higher revenue and overall success 

Many things in life depend on the right timing. If you are the owner of a hotel, you sure know the drill. Is it preferable to give away a room cheaply at an early point and make sure it will be occupied or would you rather wait for short-notice bookings with a higher yield due to increased demand - but with the risk of being left with an empty room? It is difficult to find the right strategy. However, there are plenty of ways to optimise your pricing and your occupancy rate.  Of course it is always helpful to know what is happening on the market and to keep an eye on your competitors. But wouldn’t it be preferable to be a step ahead of them?

We offer the following services that will help you maximise your success and revenue: 

  • We’ll start with a detailed pricing check. Are you selling your rooms below value? Based on a comprehensive analysis of the status quo we will help you determine the right prices, special offers and services. 
  • We analyse your overall booking situation as well as your seasonal occupancy and filter days as well as periods that allow for a higher yield per room and/or guest. 
  • We consider all areas when making suggestions for optimisation. Sometimes it is enough to implement minor changes in order to upvalue a guest’s stay and your yield. 
  • Based on our findings we will compile a catalogue of measures for your future pricing. 
  • We also offer hotel pricing studies for specific destinations and regions as a helpful tool.