Online Marketing & Sales

“I can do that myself”

Online marketing is an important tool for any industry, not least in tourism. Surely you have already been dealing with or tried your hand at it yourself. But before long you may have realised that in order for it to be successful, online marketing requires quite a bit more effort than expected, and that there are many (small) details that can turn into a real challenge. 

How, for instance, does a tool for newsletters work? How can remarketing be used for successful guest and customer retention programmes? Which WordPress plug-ins are suited to support your specific content? How can Analytics be used to compile relevant and useful data? These are questions that can occasionally be quite complex and too demanding, especially when dealt with in the scope of your general daily business.

This begs the question: 

“Who can help me?”

Hire an experienced online marketing coach who is a tourism industry expert and make use of the services that a professional consultant can offer you. This will free up time and space that you can invest in other important chores and duties. 

If you trust in our expertise and services, you will not have to attend time-consuming courses. We are here to support you with our expertise, to answer your questions regarding online marketing and sales for tourism, and to guide you in marketing your services and offers to prospective guests and tourists. You remain the boss, but we will be by your side to give quick and competent feedback when you need it and to find the right strategy for your target group, region and/or season - after all, guests who book a winter holiday are different from those who prefer travelling in summer or maybe even out of season, while someone booking a city trip will have other preferences and interests than those seeking an active or a family holiday.