E-Mail Marketing

Make sure your newsletter stands out

E-mail and newsletters are effective and easy means to reach your target market. They allow you to advertise your new product or service in no time and to make them accessible to your customers via a simple click of the mouse. Well, this can be the case, at least theoretically speaking; however, as you may well know yourself, the reality often looks different: You open your inbox and are immediately overwhelmed by the sheer number of unread mails that are waiting to be processed. Unimportant stuff is usually deleted straight away - which is why e-mail marketing is a tricky thing. How can you make your message stand out from the daily flood of messages and news regarding holiday destinations and travel offers? 

We offer years of experience and services that are tailored to meet the needs of the tourism and hotel industry: 

  • We analyse your past and current e-mail campaigns and strategies
  • We consult you and together, we will define the aims and targets of your (frequent) mailing 
  • We develop a target-driven campaign and determine content, frequency and which channels to use 
  • We optimise subject lines as well as your mail design and make sure your mails are optimised for all devices 
  • We determine the right types of e-mail interaction and find ways to guide your target group to your homepage/services without any detours