Our experts help you keep track of your figures and costs 

It is not always easy to keep track of a business’ numbers and figures - be it a hotel, a travel agency or any other tourist establishment. On the one hand it requires foresight in order to safeguard long-term goals and projects as well as optimise seasonal occupancy and planning. On the other hand you have to be able to act swiftly in case your spendings are higher than they should be. Above all you have to be able to realise glitches and issues in time. And this is why controlling should not be neglected, even - or especially - in tourist and hospitality SMBs. 

Controlling is an abstract term that is hard to explain. It comprises measures and control functions that help to manage internal procedures and processes. Our specialists are here to help you get your hotel, restaurant or tourist services on track. In the long run this will help you make economically feasible decisions on a rational basis. 

Let us help you keep track of your business.

We offer: 

  • Implementation of controlling tools and systems for your business
  • Budget workshops
  • Ongoing controlling checks regarding your relevant data
  • Strategic controlling for a medium- and long-term strategy and an optimum occupancy rate throughout the seasons based on market- and competition as well as strong-points and weak-points analyses