Pushing your ranking on Google and Bing

  • Do you find search engine optimisation and search engine advertising difficult to grasp?
  • How do you push your new website so it gets noticed?
  • How do you overcome hurdles on the way to being ranked at the top on Google & Co?

Search engine optimisation SEO

Your website has to get noticed in order for potential customers to find your offer and remain browsing. It is all about achieving natural results in terms of search engine rankings, but also about determining how reasonable costs can optimise your ranking. Sometimes, this can be tricky.

Your LECHNER benefit

We optimise your entire web content so it pleases search engines and achieves improved rankings. The targeted use of keywords is as important as the creation of current content that effectively supports search engine optimisation.

Search engine advertising SEA

A newspaper ad is always clearly visible. Search engine advertising works in different ways and seems to be less controllable. But in a digital world, measurability and data capture are much better, way more precise and valuable.

Your LECHNER benefit

We support you in finding the most promising and cost-effective mix of options. With us by your side you keep track of all the data you should use and utilise. We help you turn prospects into customers by skillfully applying the appropriate controlling measurements.