Website & Relaunch

A great website – we help you with a new design or relaunch 

Your internet presence allows you to present your services and products to your customers, guests and the rest of the world. We help you design a website that is easy to navigate and understand, and create a platform that makes booking rooms and services a breeze. 

Irrespective of the industry, it can be quite a challenge to give your website an appealing and user friendly design. Restaurants, hotels, holiday destinations and regions all want to be found and to attract future guests.

What to consider:

  • On the one hand you have loads to tell and offer your guests and potential new customers. 
  • On the other hand, users want to invest as little time as necessary, and find the required information as quickly as possible.
  • Additionally, you surely want to keep “accidental” visitors to your homepage interested … 

What to conclude:

  • You have to take the users by the hand and guide them through your website in a logical way.
  • The user instinctively needs to know where to click.
  • The design must be appealing, so the user feels like spending some more time on the website. 

What is necessary?

  • Your homepage requires a logical and structured layout.
  • Content and offers have to be comprehensive and found easily.
  • An optically appealing design that is not overbearing and does not distract from the content. We are here to help you.

Our services:

  • We analyse your current web presence and redesign it in order to optimise its impact.
  • You don’t have a homepage yet or want a complete relaunch? Let’s get together so we can consult you on what’s needed before designing a new web presence for your tourist services, hotel or restaurant.
  • Based on an analysis of your website we will support you in implementing a new presence and will provide maintenance tools so you can keep your content up-to-date.