Social Media Marketing

Your message to your core market and the world  

There is hardly any business or industry, let alone a holiday destination or region, that will be able to remain successful if neglecting social media activities. If you position your business and communicate your services cleverly, you can reap the benefits. Social media allows you to directly interact with your target market as well as (potential) guests and to improve your media penetration.

If you start dealing with social networks, you will soon lose track of what’s on offer. New platforms keep popping up at an ever-increasing rate, and it’s hardly ever a given that they will survive for long. However, this train of thought is heading the wrong way and it is the wrong approach if you really consider utilising social media to advertise your services and products - including hotel rooms, menus and seasonal offers. It is more viable to exactly define goals and subjects before developing a social media strategy and implementing it in the various channels.

There are certainly some big players that are (still) dominating the scene. However, if you devise a strategy that can be adapted to and implemented in various channels without too much of an effort, you have the chance to be among the first on a new platform that may be relevant for your respective guest group, which in turn will put you ahead of your competition. 

What you can expect from us as consultants:

  • A comprehensive strategy for your product, hotel, service, destination or culinary establishment/offer
  • A defined social media strategy incl. various activities
  • Creative approaches and solutions
  • Informative and effective content for your social media channels 
  • Channel maintenance