Cooperation Consulting

Analysis, implementation plan, controlling – we know how

Just like our workplace and environment have changed in recent years, so has our approach in terms of travelling, holidays and overall recreational activities. The internet plays no small part in these changes as it offers a variety of options for research, networking and communication. Furthermore it is a treasure trove of information regarding tourist services and offers as well as destination, hotel or restaurant ratings - and all of it is available at the click of a mouse.  The internet has changed the way we book our holidays but also the way we cooperate and network, both within a company and externally. 

As a consequence of these changes we see the installation of new interfaces and contacts as well as the emergence of new starting points and approaches, all of which need to be filled with life. 

New approaches are not limited to your own business. Externally, they offer new synergies with strong partners, leading to benefits that could not be achieved alone - both for your business and potential guests. You have the choice to take experts and other businesses on board, either for one or several projects or for a predetermined time frame. These partners may be a world away but offer just what you need - and thanks to the internet it is available to you. If you act cleverly, you can streamline your company structure and yet have access to external knowledge and know-how when you need it.

It goes without saying that such an approach requires structure, coordination and overview, which is why we offer comprehensive packages that cover every aspect of tourism-specific cooperation consulting: 

  • Comprehensive (cooperation) analysis on the basis of strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats (SWOT analysis) and with a focus on the tourist industry
  • Implementation plan for different business areas and external cooperations with partners from the hotel and restaurant segment as well as for the overall tourism industry and areas that are relevant for you and your business 
  • We accompany the implementation processes and, if needed, act as head and intermediary for any cooperation
  • We take care of the cooperation’s controlling, improve processes and find new synergies and benefits