Content Marketing

You have a story to tell – we make sure you do it successfully 

Good advertising is important. And especially if you are a tourist establishment or a typical travel/holiday destination, you have several trump cards that do not require prominently placed ads for you to be found by potential customers and guests. We are talking about content and stories about your daily business that are both emotional and informative and that are offering an added value without you having to dig deep into your pockets. These stories are not just about increasing your brand awareness, but also about portraying your establishment or region so as to attract new guests and customers. This kind of storytelling is also known as content marketing – an abstract term that even experts find difficult to explain. According to our point of view it is about being able to develop a sustainable communications strategy that can easily be adapted to the ever-changing processes and preferences of the society we live in. 

What we offer:  

  • Based on our external view and our inside knowledge, we define important and possibly new topics for your business or destination 
  • We treat your topics and stories with the appropriate rhetorical devices; “storytelling” (personalised and emotional stories) is becoming increasingly important, especially in terms of travelling, holiday destinations and recreational activities 
  • We place your topics strategically on social media channels or with journalists - always with the core market and the right timing in mind