Affiliate Marketing

We find partners to send you potential guests and customers

What would you think if you had one or more strong partners from the tourism, hospitality and restaurant industry by your side that highlight your services, your region and your products on their websites? Partners that send interested guests and customers your way so they can book their stay or buy your product directly from you? This doesn’t only sound good, it is also feasible. It is known as affiliate marketing and we are happy to support you in implementing it for your business.

The term “affiliate” describes an affiliate organisation; in the case at hand it would be better described as an affiliate network consisting of various partners, with the owner of a website being your partner and placing your advertising on his online presence as well as linking to your page. Obviously, this doesn’t happen out of pure goodwill - but your partner will only reap benefits if a customer or guest is actually going to spend money with you. As a side effect you will see an increase of users on your website as well as an improved brand awareness, be it for your service or your business, your hotel or the entire destination, even if not all new users/guests are willing to spend money.

And there are other benefits: 

  • Exact measurement of results thanks to reporting tools streamlined for the tourism industry 
  • High transparency regarding all transactions 
  • Precise cost control thanks to performance-oriented remuneration 

Some of the most widely known affiliate or partner programmes are those operated by Amazon or eBay. In your specific case other types of affiliate programmes may be much better suited - for instance a cooperation with a holiday- or travel blogger who will place your “advertising” on his/her blog. Together with you, we will find the right partners that are relevant for you and for your region, for your hotel but also for your guests and visitors. We will advise and consult you in choosing the right cooperation partners and strategies.