It is obviously required – but what exactly should it look like?

  • From Facebook to Snapchat and Tiktok – all of them or just a select few?
  • Relevant facts vs. entertainment - or both?
  • How can content be turned into orders or bookings?

These days, we cannot afford to be absent. By utilising social media you can reach people directly and enhance your profile, you can win … and also lose if you go about it clumsily. You can achieve a massive reach, but it will neither be possible overnight nor just like that.

Your LECHNER benefit

We know which platforms help you reach which target groups and which combinations can be used at a reasonable expense. Only by using topics of relevance along with supportive artwork (images, videos, etc.) will you be able to build a lasting community. Your content needs to match your general communications strategy. We can present creative approaches and solutions that are doable alongside your daily work. If required, we can take care of your channels.