Don’t starve yourself financially but rather turn every Euro into two …

  • When does a teaser no longer count as “underselling”?
  • How do we find the ideal point in time for a new advertising campaign?
  • How do we keep track of your competitors in order to take advantage of opportunities?

Good timing is important - not only in terms of cost and price optimisation but in general, irrespective of whether you are taking chances in waiting for increased demand or last-minute bookings instead of accepting a multitude of early bookings at a lower price. It is not easy to find the right balance but there are certain reliable criteria.

Your LECHNER benefit

Make use of our detailed LTC price check to gauge prices, offers and services and to find the right mix and balance. Based on your bookings we can deduce timeframes and offers suited for increasing your turnover. Using this information we will show you how to read the signs more easily going forward.